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All Walt Disney World Resorts® are fabulous places to visit, but they are also amazing places to dine. Whether it be a quick snack or a full gourmet dinner, you will not be disappointed by the choice and quality of fare that Disney has to offer.

Each theme park, water park and resort area has a vast selection of eateries for you to sample and enjoy, and as you would expect, depending upon your budget, you can eat for just a few bucks, or really push the boat out and savour the delights of five star cuisine.

Many of Disney’s restaurants are “themed”, and these are incredibly popular with the kids. Likewise, character dining experiences (aimed at younger members of your party, but enjoyed by all) are often the highlight of a child’s day. Well what could be better when eating your meal than to be served by Mickey, Donald, Pluto, or maybe even a real life Disney princess ? Of course character dining also allows you to capture some magical photographic memories too.

All to often, people get the impression that theme park food is going to be unhealthy food. Admittedly, there is fast food available in the form of burgers, hot dogs and fries, but you will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that the alternatives are indeed exceedingly healthy, and downright tasty too.

Our vegetarian friends are also well catered for, along with guests who have special dietary requirements, or those who cannot eat certain foods because of religious beliefs. Full details of the contents of all meals served on Disney property can be found by simply asking the cast member who takes your order.

And whilst a lot of food served throughout Disney parks is essentially “American” cuisine, a visit to Epcot World Showcase for example, will give you the opportunity to experience a vast selection of foods from around the world, ranging from Chinese, to French and even little known Norwegian delicacies, to name but a few.

Each Disney park that you visit has it’s own map so that you can find your way around. Clearly marked on these maps, and divided into categories are the dining experiences offered to tempt your taste buds.

So whether it be a full service restaurant, character dining, a quick takeaway or a healthy fresh green salad, you will find it all at Disney. The service is, as with all things Disney, friendly and polite, and it’s great to know that when those hunger pangs strike, that you will be well catered for, in every sense of the word.

About the Author: Chris Neilson is a professional writer and private Villa Owner who has an extensive knowledge of the Florida Travel Industry. He is also the senior copywriter for the well known Florida Vacation Rentals web site Orlando Villas – http://www.orlandovillas.com and Park Tickets site – http://www.park-tickets.com © Copyright Chris Neilson 2005 All Rights Reserved


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